Adult Literacy Program

We educate those people of Orangi town who due to various social constraints couldn’t be able to attend their schools. The curriculum designed in such a way that by attending the class from 3 pm to 5 pm twice a week (Saturday & Sunday) for one year they would be able to enroll for Secondary School Certificate (SSC). Its mean that those underprivileged habitants cover their eight year of studies in one year to seek their position to be literate. Due to this reason we introduce one room school concept. Due to this facility over 75 females & 123 males have so far been enlightened themselves from the blessing of education. We are being conducted some Skill Development Program courses for the duration of 3-6 months in order to produce educated skilled laborers in the professions of Carpenter, Auto mobile, plumber & electricians etc. In this way we award certificates after completion of the courses.

Healthy Sports Activities

By keeping in view the importance of sports activities for a healthy life style of individuals we organize the following events:
Chess tournament
Badminton tournament
Cricket tournament

Welfare Activities during the Lockdown

Due to the deadly pandemic of Covid-19 all economics movements of Orangi town inhabitants became stand still & idle. People were not able to fulfill their basic necessities to feed their dependents. In order to overcome their worries, the Tasuwwar Umeed Foundation step ahead and contribute its due share as under:
Distribution of ration to needy
Ready food supplies at doorstep
On-demand free medicines supply

Social Welfare Activities

Poverty alleviation solutions
Plantation of trees to reduce the greenhouse effect
Development & welfare activities for women empowerment
Shopping Gala, Food festival, quiz program & different swings for children.


Since the inception of Tasuwwar Umeed Foundation (1998), over 4000 under privileged students of Orangi town have so far passed under our educational system (from Play group to University level) and became successful in achieving their goals as well as earning their livelihood in a respectable manners. Some rough statistic from the said figure is given below:
Over 172 students have successfully completed their MBBS.
Over 334 students have successfully completed their B.E from NED University or other reputed Engineering Colleges / Universities.
Over 750 students have completed their Management & Finance degree programs like BBA / MBA etc
Various students have successfully achieved their Diplomas (DAE) & Certificates from our Technical College in disciplines such as:
Fashion Designing